Back to back rack systems are among most common warehouse rack systems used in storing pallet and metal boxes. The system offers maximum benefit by offering maximum storage area to enterprises. It also enables side to side storage. Each pallet can be individually places and moved. In back to back rack systems, variable distance between holes on strut profile enables ease in changing traverse heights. Thus, flexibility is ensured in rack height.

It is possible to use the system with manual or automated forklift machines. Enabling ease of assemble and disassembly, the system can be designed with regards the requests of the user. It allows storage of different products via use of special accessories. In addition, pallets can be also horizontally stored using safety traverses. Selection of legs (struts) and traverses is designed considering load bearing capacity, load on each floor and load of each part determined in international standards.

Areas of Usage

It has a wide range of availability enabling use in almost all product groups.  


It is economic.
It offers maximum area saving due to modular structure.
It offers combined operation with other rack systems.
It allows direct access to all articles
If enables adjustment of layers in 50 mm increments.
It is easily assembled.